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Hi, my name is dave.

I'm a web designer/developer. I am awesome.

Oh Man!

Golden Globes. Normally I don’t give two shits but this year there’s actually something to pull for.

First off, theres like a bagillion nominations for The Social Network, including best soundtrack (thanks Trent Reznor + Atticus Ross).

Second, check out the tv drama category. Boardwalk, Mad Men, and Walking Dead. I love all 3, however I love Mad Men the most, followed closely by Boarwalk Empire. Walking Dead is good but next season it will get even better.

Who’s cooler, Don Draper or Nucky Thompson? Oh man. Gunna be tight that’s for sure.

Best comedy TV - Modern Family is nom’ed, but I doubt they’ll win. Haha imagine Ty Burrell’s face if they won. Ha.

Going to be interesting for sure. We shall see what happens sunday.

Boardwalk Empire

So I just finished watching the pilot of the new HBO series, “Boardwalk Empire”, and I’m pretty thoroughly impressed.

First off, Steve Buscemi is awesome. Rock and fucking roll. And his character is like a mix of Al Capone and Jesus Christ. The show is all about Atlantic City in the 1920’s, where Prohibition is really totally regarded as a joke.

For instance, in one scene, the crowded, vintage casino came to a quiet pause to countdown to midnight. Not for new years, but for when the Volstead Act, effectivly prohibiting alcohol in the United States, became law. As soon as midnight strikes, the room breaks into wild dancing to the sound of terrible, high-pitched gramaphone jazz, as some 20’s-era prostitutes pop bottles of champagne.

The demand for alcohol, identical to the demand for weed and other drugs now, is so steadfast that the demand will be met, no matter the cost.

Speaking of Al Capone, he’s actually in this episode. No joke. A young one. Quite humourous, but I enjoy that he’s not the main plot. He’s too gangster. Nucky Thompson (sick name, eh?), who is Buscemi’s character, is like a politician, so he basically has to please everyone. The scene starts with him talking at a womens’ temprance movement meeting thingy, describing the ills of alcohol. Immedeatly following, he is doing an alcohol swap by boat at night. Great stuff.

Not quite as good as Mad Men, but to be honest they are extremely different shows.

Anyways, hope the rest of the series is as good as this episode.